A Dive in the Tuscan Events

This tour will allow you to see a wide variety of landscapes and experience regional culture. You will discover ever changing scenery, places, museums and delightful villages with their traditional events and foods.
In these 6 days you will appreciate the most original and beautiful summer events of Tuscant, accompanied by beautiful excursions in the Pisan Mountains Villages.

DAY 1 (Pisa)
Our first day starts in one of the most important cities in Tuscany: Pisa.
Pisa is a beautiful city where you can find a lot of monuments, cathedral, shops, typical restaurants and museums.
Arrival in Pisa at the airport at 11am.
Check-in and lunch in “La Torre Hotel”, a 4-star hotel, located near Piazza dei Miracoli.

At 3pm we will move to visit the symbol and most famous monument in Pisa, called “Leaning Tower”, which is locted in Piazza dei Miracoli (here you can also take a traditional funny photo, supporting the Leaning Tower).
After that, you can also visit the Baptistery, the Dome and the Cemetery, located in Piazza dei Miracoli too, accompayed by a English tour guide, which will narrate the history of these fashinating buildings.

At 6pm we will head back to the hotel and at 7pm we will make our way to the “Luminara Party”: a typical event of Pisa which takes place every year on the evening of 16th June; this is the eve of the Patron Saint called “ San Ranieri”. In this festival, you can admire over a hundred thousand lights which are placed on the buildings, bridges, churches and towers that over look the lungarno to exalt their profiles. At midnight enjoy the climax of the Luminara with the traditional fireworks display lighting up the sky and the reflections illuminating the river Arno.


DAY 2 (Buti)

Breakfast in the Hotel at 8 am.
We leave the Hotel at 9am to catch the bus to go to Buti, a small village on the estern slopes of the Monti Pisani. Its origins go back a very long way probably to Roman times.
This village is famous for its “Horse Race”: a typical event which takes place every 18th January.
Arrival in Buti at 9.30 am.
From 10am to 12 am visit of the town with an English guide which will make you know the beautiful history of the town and its gastronomics traditions.
At 1pm lunch in a typical restaurant in Buti called “Paccì”: here you can taste the typical dishes of this small town.
At 2pm check-in in “Il Saracino Farmhouse”, where you will be welcomed by very friendly staff.
Sagra Buti
At 8pm dinner in one of the typical festivals that take place every summer from March to Semptember. These festivals are original, because they offers you a typical and nique Tuscan dinner. At the end of the dinner, you can dance accompayed by salsa music.

Timetable 2

DAY 3 (Pontedera)

Breakfast at 10am.
We leave the farmhouse at 11am to take the bus to go to Pontedera, a small town where “the Vespa” was invented; infact our first stop is the “Piaggio Museum” where you can see the history of Vespas ( a typical motorbike which is wellknown all over the world).Museo Piaggio
At 1pm check-in in “Armonia Hotel” a 4 star hotel located in the centre of Pontedera.
At 5 pm we will go to “Notte Bianca”, a beautiful event, which takes place every june in “Corso Matteotti”, the main street of the town with a lot of shops, which during this night, are open till 1am.
In “Notte Bianca” you can have fun participating in numerous concerts of famous singers of our country.

Timetable 3

DAY 4 (Pontedera – Lajatico – Pontedera)

Breakfast at the hotel at 9am.
At 10am the start a tour of the town with an English tour guide.
Our first stop is in “Piazza dei Pini” where you can admire “the wall of Baj”, a magnificent and long wall with a hundred thousand small plaques.
After that we will move to visit “the theatre of Silence”, a magnificent and relaxing theatre situated in Lajatico. Teatro del Silenzio
This theatre is famous because it hosts the concerts of a famous lyrical singer called Bocelli.
At 8pm you will have dinner in “Via Pisana 62”, a modern restaurant located near the “Armonia Hotel”, where you can enjoy unique and tasteful dishes presented with a lot of decorations.

Timetable 4

DAY 5 (Pontedera – Calafuria)

Breakfast at the Hotel at 8am.
We leave the hotel at 9am to take the bus to go to spend a relaxing day in Calafuria.
Calafuria is located near Livorno, and this is the best place for the lovers of the seaside, because it is the best place where you can go for a swim in the deep and clean sea.
At 1pm you will have lunch in a beautiful restaurant called “OndaBlu”, situated on the cliff, where you can taste the numerous sea food dishes.
In the afternoon you can also go for another swim and at 6pm we will take the bus to go to “Regina del Mare Resort”.
At 7pm check.in in Reigina del Mare Resort, where you are welcomed by an animation group.

Timetable 5

DAY 6 ( Pisa)

Breakfast at 8am.
We leave the hotel at 9am to go to Pisa airport to catch the plane at 2pm.

Timetable 6

TOTAL PRICE PER PERSON: 600€ => it includes: – guided tour
– dinner
– lunch
– accomodation
– bus

For any further information call 3665414910


The Real African Tour

A superb full immersion in fascinating Namibia: 5 days to understand the real essence of this place. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!

Day 1: Enjoy your first day with a desert excursion. A camel will take you in the middle of this dry place. There, you will have a fantastic lunch in an oasis. Don’t forget that you have to take a packet lunch with you. Taste the water and the tea of the desert. You will feel like a real Bedouin! Don’t miss to participate in the biggest sandboarding competition in the world. The winner can spend two additional days in this fantastic place without paying a euro more. Enjoy your time in the desert with others amazing activities and admire the sunset among the sand dunes.

Day 2: A good way to spend a few hours is to visit the Walvis Bay Lagoon. There, thousands of flamingoes will welcome you in a natural paradise. Our company gives you the opportunity to hand-feed these amazing animals. In the afternoon, visit the magnificent aquarium where you will find a lot of different species of fishes. The sea depths will fascinate you and will transport you in a charming atmosphere. Eat out at the “Namib Restaurant” Where you will taste traditional African dishes. Don’t miss the typical African dance after dinner, with traditional musical instruments.

Day 3: A great safari will teach you a lot of new information about the flora and fauna of the Namib Desert. Choose between safari by boat, jeep, hot-air balloon or experience the safari on foot or by night. There, you will find a lot of different animals that you have probably seen only in postcards: monkeys, giraffes, tigers, elephants are the main characters of this tour. The company gives you the opportunity to mount an elephant. Take part in a show organized with birds and colorful parrots. Take part in an amazing treasure-hunt. Find out 10 kinds of typical African plants and take a photo of these. Discover the real essence of this great place.

Day 4: It’s time to try a thrilling experience! You will have the opportunity to take part in a lesson of parachuting. Don’t be frightened… You will fall down from only 50 m of height and you will have the opportunity to admire a magnificent panorama. It will be an unforgettable experience. In the afternoon visit the center of Swakopmund where you will appreciate hand-made objects and where you will try traditional food. Traditional markets sell every kind of African articles, such as musical instruments, jewels made with wood, beautiful paintings about amazing African landscapes.

Day 5: Crystalline water, white sand and a quiet atmosphere will relax you and will make your last day in Africa the best of your life. Our company gives you the opportunity to choose between a lot of different famous beaches. A traditional carriage will transport you wherever you want. Many activities are organized during the afternoon like deep-sea fishing, shark fishing and beach-angling. At 18:30 take part in a good-bye aperitif on the beach while an amazing panorama will fascinate you!

A Honey Moon in Mexico


Street 46, London


Mr. & Mrs. Crowel

Street 9, London

19th February 2015

Dear Mr & Mrs Crowel,

are you getting tired of the same old holiday year after year? Would you like to have the most beautiful and original holiday for your honeymoon? Have you tried to find a place where you can relax and have unique experiences at the same time?

“Honey Tour” can provide the kind of truly stimulating travel experiences that many couples are looking for.

We are a young company, but we already have years of experience of taking married couples to exciting off-beat destinations. Now we are expanding even further our range of travel options to include not only European destinations, but overseas destinations too, such as America.

Enjoy the comfort of a 4/5 star luxury hotel and resort accommodation included in the tour, while going to discover the traditions of the Yucatan Peninsula, its traditional foods, its beautiful and unique national parks, and its numerous places where you can do a lot of excursions. Enjoy and relax in the beautiful Caribbean sea.

We are planning to include these options, starting from April 2015. We enclose a copy of our itinerary and some brochures of the hotels and resorts where you are going to stay.

As a further attraction we are offering a discount of 25% on prices quoted in our brochures for all bookings made before the 10th of May. This is an opportunity that you will not want to miss!

For any further information you can get in touch with us via our website www.honeymoon.com , or you can send us an e-mail at honeytour@gmail.com or you can call us at 00579903 too.

We believe that Honey Tour stands out from the crowd. We are looking forward the hearing from you.

Yours faithfully


Beatrice Landi


Titolo HoneyMoon

This tour will allow you to see a wide variety of landscapes and experience regional culture. You will discover ever changing scenery, museums, natural parks and delightful villages, with their traditions.

In these 15 days you will appreciate the most original, beautiful and original excursions, which will make your holiday more interesting and original.


Departure from London Airport at 8pm, with an “AirMexico” aircraft, where you will be welcomed by a champagne-bottle and some strawberries to celebrate you wedding.


Arrival in Cancun at 6pm, where a tour guide will take you to the hotel.

At 6.30pm check-in in “Hotel Inn”, a 4 star hotel, situated in the heart of the city; here you will stay in the most beautiful suite of the hotel, where you are welcomed by a “honey appetizer” with traditional exotic fruits.

From 8pm to midnight you will have a romantic dinner by the swimming pool tasting the typical foods of this region.


At 9am breakfast in the hotel, and at 10am departure by coach for Chichen-Itza; here you can admire the most beautiful natural park, where you can admire the “Zocalo Pyramid”, built by the Maya, which is considered one of the 7 marvels of the world.

Lunch in the restaurant till 2pm.

In the afternoon you will go to visit the city centre of Chichen – Itza, accompanied by a tour guide, which wil take you to the most traditional shops while she will narrate you the story of this city and its traditions.

At 6pm return at the “Hotel Inn” and at 9pm you will have an Italian dinner, where you can taste traditional Italian food, accompanied by entertainers, who will invite you to dance traditional Italian dances.


Breakfast in the hotel at 9am.

At 10 am departure by coach to Uxmal.

Arrival in Uxmal at 12am and lunch in “Tacos Restaurant”, a typical Mexican Restaurant, specialized in Tacos (a typical Mexican Food).

At 2pm, you will visit a natural park, where you can find a lot of Maya monuments renowned all over the world, such as: “Piramide del Adivino” and “Palacio del Gobernador”.

At 5pm departure for Merida.

At 6.30pm arrival in Merida, and check-in in “Merida Hotel”: a 4 star hotel situated in the centre of the city, equipped with two swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, a sauna and a spa, where you can experience traditional Mexican treatments, made with special creams.

Dinner in the hotel at 8.30pm, where you can sample traditional Indian food.


In these two days, you will take a lot of unique excursions, and you can also relax on the most beautiful beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Breakfast in the hotel at 9am, and at 10am departure by coach to Tulum, a city situated on the Riviera Maya, where you can admire beautiful beaches while participating in unique excursions.

Arrival in Tulum at 11.30am, check-in and lunch in “Playa Resort”: a 5 star resort situated on the seaside, equipped with a private beach, 2 swimming pools and animation group, who will organize a lot of activities such as water games, scuba diving, night-parties, etc…

In the afternoon you can stay in the resort, or you can decide to relax in the most beautiful beach of Riviera Maya called “Playa Parayso”.

Dinner at 9pm and at 10pm you can participate in the musical created by the animation group.


Breakfast in the hotel at 8am, and departure at 9am for “Cenote dos Ojos”: a cavity in the rocks, which has a beautiful blue and deep “natural swimming pool”; where you can admire the beautiful underwater life with its lively and beautiful colours.

In the afternoon you will go to the “national Underwater Museum” situated in the Riviera Maya. In this museum, you can have a unique experience, because you will be accompanied by an underwater expert in the blue sea of Mexico, where you can admire the fascinating sculptures of Maya people.

At 7pm return and dinner to Playa Resort.


Breakfast in the resort at 8am, and at 9am departure by coach to take the ferry for going to Isla Mujeres, a small island situated in front of Tulum, where you can admire the beautiful landscape.

Check-in at “Palace Resort” a 5 star resort, situated on the cliff, where you are welcomed by a luxurious lunch in a Jacuzzi.

In the afternoon you can appreciate this beautiful resort and at 8pm you will have dinner in “Mujeres Restaurant”, where you can taste seafood dishes made with fishes caught by the fishermen of this island.


Breakfast in the resort at 8am.

This day is dedicated only to you, because at 9am you have to take a sailing-boat, where you are welcomed by a maître, which will take you to the beautiful deep blue Caribbean sea.

In this romantic day you can relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape accompanied by romantic music.

Return to palace resort at 7pm.

At 8pm you will have a gala evening with a luxurious and romantic dinner on the cliff and after that…closing party with a lot of surprises! J


Breakfast at 8am and at 9am transfer to the airport.

Departure at 2pm

DAY 10

Arrival in London airport at 11am

PRICE: price per couple 6395€

It includes:

  • accommodation
  • all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • excursions
  • English guide
  • Transfer
  • Flights (London/Cancun – Cancun/London)

CLOTHES: we suggest you to bring with you some swimming gear, t-shirts, flip-flops, elegant dress for the evening and shorts

For any further information call 00579903

Some useful tourism vocabulary

ITCG Fermi 4 Tourism - 3rd Grade


Read the article about the most exciting things to do in Amsterdam, and note down some useful vocabulary! You can use it when you write your own itineraries or sightseeing tours.

Which of these experiences you would like to do and why? Write it in a comment below!

Enjoy! 😉

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Marketing tools

Marketing includes all strategies to improve trade / to improve a company’s turnover.

1- advertising (TV, radio adverts, cinema adverts, on line adverts or banners, brochures, catalogues, billboards and posters, using airplanes, during sports events or concerts, magazine and newspaper adverts, video adverts on YouTube, mobile phone adverts)

2- promoting products with samples / or promoting a product by giving a gift (for instance you book a holiday now and you get 5% discount on your next booking)

3- sponsoring sports events / music events etc.

4- using testimonials (for instance giving free products to celebrities to wear, or inviting journalists and celebrities to go on holiday in a certain place).

5- movies and books (to promote a tourist destination) – there is a very famous book and movie called “Under the Tuscan Sun”, Dan Brown’s books have promoted lots of tourism destinations (Inferno promotes Florence and other destinations in Italy, the Da Vinci Code promoted Paris, etc.)

6- events 

7- a very powerful marketing tool is “word of mouth” (negative word of mouth is more powerful than positive word of mouth); nowadays word of mouth is becoming more and more important because there are websites such as Tripadvisor or Duespaghi where people write reviews.