Questions you may ask a tour operator

What partnerships do you have?

Do you have any partnerships with airline companies?

Are there any limits for the luggage you can take?

Do you use scheduled or charter flights?

Can I change the departure date?  Is there a supplement to pay if I want to change the departure date?

Do they serve a meal or a snack on the plane / during the flight?

Are the flights direct flights or do I have to change planes?

Am I going to get a refund if I have an accident before the departure? (Possible answer: No, unless you take out an insurance policy against cancellations.)

How much hand luggage can I take on the plane / on board?

Are the hotels usually situated/placed/located near the city centre?

What services and facilities are provided?

Do you use any hotel chains?

What kind of criteria do you use to select a hotel?

Is breakfast usually included?

Is there any room service?

Is there a supplement for room service?

Do they serve typical food / cuisine in the hotel restaurant?

Is there a fitness club in the hotel?

At what time are the rooms cleaned?

Is there a free shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel?

Is there a transfer service from the airport to the hotel?

What kind of airlines do you use?

Are meals usually included?

What kind of meals do you usually provide?

Do you provide special meals for vegetarians or people who are allergic to gluten / who have special dietary requirements?

Is there a wifi connection in your hotels?

Do you provide free internet connection in your hotels/resorts?

Do you have any partnerships with eco-hotels?

Is room service included in the price?

Do you have to pay a supplement to use the safe in the hotel room?

How much does an expert guide to visit a museum cost?

How much does a museum guided tour cost?

Can you add optional excursions later on through the tour manager?

Do you refund your customers if they are not satisfied with the service or with the package tour?

Who do I have to talk with for optional excursions?