Feel of Home at Villa Wiese – Swakopmund Namibia

Here is an example of how you can answer the questions about the above mentioned text:

1. The area of the Namib Desert including Swakopmund is called West Coast Recreational Area because it’s full of tourist attractions, activities to do and that makes it an important tourist destination.

2. This sentence means that recreation, including activities, places, tourist attractions represents the draw card of the area so it’s a sort of recognition of the tourist potential of the area.

3. Villa Wiese is a guest lodge run by a family. It’s a hundred years old building that has been restored mainly by its owners. It’s caracterized by multi-coloured walls and wooden beams support the gothic ceilings as an example of antique, high standard, clean, comfortable, homely, affordable, relaxed, friendly and homely atmosphere.

4. Villa Wiese differences itself for its position in the Swakopmund area and for the peculiarity of the building that outside has multi-coloured walls like a modern building and inside has a structure typical of an ancient building. In addition they offer high standards of cleanliness and convenience in an atmosphere of relaxation, friendship and cosiness.

5. Tinkie and Johan are really friendly, patient and open-minded people that love their job so much, in fact they consider it as another hobby. Tinkie is an amateur photographer while Johan loves reading and gardening. They both like music.

6. Their vision is to keep Villa Wiese guest lodge running to ensure a future to their children and also because they love their job as much as they would never stop. They also wanted to create a place having an image of home where their children would always want to stay.

7. The hospitality concept of Villa Wiese is to treat guests as members of the family, taking care of them and always being helpful, friendly and kind.

8. Everyone is welcome in Villa Wiese: travellers different continents and countries like Europe, England, Australia, New Zeland, USA, East and also from African countries that love to meet new people and new cultures.