Are you afraid of flying?

Read this interesting post by Shanti and learn some useful expressions about traveling by air. The most useful expressions to learn are the ones in blue.

Then read the questions and write your answers in a comment below.

If you have already travelled by plane:

Do you like flying?

Which of the steps you take when you have to catch a plane makes you more anxious?

What is your favorite moment and why?

Have you ever had any bad experience while flying or at the airport?

Did you enjoy your last flight? If you did, why? If you didn’t, why not? Where did you go? Which company did you fly with?

If you have never travelled by plane:

Would you like to try? Why? Why not?

Which of the steps you take when you have to catch a plane do you think would make you more anxious?

What do you think would be your favorite moment and why?


Some useful tourism vocabulary

ITCG Fermi 4 Tourism - 3rd Grade


Read the article about the most exciting things to do in Amsterdam, and note down some useful vocabulary! You can use it when you write your own itineraries or sightseeing tours.

Which of these experiences you would like to do and why? Write it in a comment below!

Enjoy! 😉

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