About Luisella

Insegnante di inglese, grande appassionata di viaggi, credo molto nel potere dei viaggi di aprire la mente, oltre che di rendere la nostra vita molto più interessante. Viaggio per piacere e per lavoro, prevalentemente in Italia e in Europa.

The Structure of a Circular Letter advertising a Tour



(Opening salutation) Dear Travel Agent,

(Asking a question to attract the reader’s attention) are your customers interested in art and history? Would you like to have a high-quality tour combining amazing landscapes and wonderful architecture to offer?

(Introducing the offer) We are pleased to introduce you to one of the most exciting tours from our recent program for the coming holiday season. (Describing the offer in short) With our itinerary “Edinburgh and the Highlands” we aim at attracting those who love history, art and folklore as well as unspoilt scenery. In our 6-day tour you will explore some of the most beautiful Scottish castles and admire the charm and mystery of its countryside.

(Presenting the company) Our long-standing experience in the travel industry enables us to offer a perfect combination of good value for money and high quality of service. (Explaining quality of service) Transport will be provided in modern, luxurious motor-coaches equipped with all comforts, and accommodation will be offered in four-star hotels set in ideal positions and providing a wide range of facilities and services for the most delightful and relaxing stay.

(Explaining quality of staff) In addition to that, we have a dedicated and highly trained team of guides who will make our holiday really interesting and enjoyable.

(Sending promotional material) Please find enclosed our latest illustrated catalogue with detailed information about our packages. (Offering further help) Do not hesitate to email or call us if you require any further information or if your customers have any special requirements.

(Closing salutation) Yours faithfully,

(Name of Sender)

(Role in the Company)

(Name of Company)



Describing a cruise

Here are two examples of presentations about a cruise. Remember to include information both about the itinerary and about the services and facilities available on the cruise ship. Include details about special offers, discounts, extras such as excursions, pre-cruise and post-cruise packages.

Promoting a Museum

Here is an example of an excellent presentation about Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum. It gives all the relevant information about the collections and their highlights, but also practical tips, opening hours etc. Have you ever been to Oxford? Have you ever visited the Ashmolean? If not, would you like to go? Which collections attract you most?

After watching the presentation, visit the site of the Ashmolean Museum and see how it is organized, what kind of information it gives, how they promote themselves, what kind of activities they organize for visitors and school groups.

Garfagnana Tour

Here is an example of an excellent presentation about a tour you can take in the Garfagnana area, not far from Lucca and Pisa, in the amazing Italian region called Tuscany. When you create a presentation, make sure you give all the relevant information about the places you want to promote, don’t forget the practical information about opening times, prices, best time to visit, clothing etc. Choose nice visuals because your main purpose is to attract visitors to the area you want to promote!

Are you afraid of flying?

Read this interesting post by Shanti and learn some useful expressions about traveling by air. The most useful expressions to learn are the ones in blue.

Then read the questions and write your answers in a comment below.

If you have already travelled by plane:

Do you like flying?

Which of the steps you take when you have to catch a plane makes you more anxious?

What is your favorite moment and why?

Have you ever had any bad experience while flying or at the airport?

Did you enjoy your last flight? If you did, why? If you didn’t, why not? Where did you go? Which company did you fly with?

If you have never travelled by plane:

Would you like to try? Why? Why not?

Which of the steps you take when you have to catch a plane do you think would make you more anxious?

What do you think would be your favorite moment and why?