About Luisella

Insegnante di inglese, grande appassionata di viaggi, credo molto nel potere dei viaggi di aprire la mente, oltre che di rendere la nostra vita molto più interessante. Viaggio per piacere e per lavoro, prevalentemente in Italia e in Europa.

Describing a cruise

Here are two examples of presentations about a cruise. Remember to include information both about the itinerary and about the services and facilities available on the cruise ship. Include details about special offers, discounts, extras such as excursions, pre-cruise and post-cruise packages.


Promoting a Museum

Here is an example of an excellent presentation about Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum. It gives all the relevant information about the collections and their highlights, but also practical tips, opening hours etc. Have you ever been to Oxford? Have you ever visited the Ashmolean? If not, would you like to go? Which collections attract you most?

After watching the presentation, visit the site of the Ashmolean Museum and see how it is organized, what kind of information it gives, how they promote themselves, what kind of activities they organize for visitors and school groups.

Garfagnana Tour

Here is an example of an excellent presentation about a tour you can take in the Garfagnana area, not far from Lucca and Pisa, in the amazing Italian region called Tuscany. When you create a presentation, make sure you give all the relevant information about the places you want to promote, don’t forget the practical information about opening times, prices, best time to visit, clothing etc. Choose nice visuals because your main purpose is to attract visitors to the area you want to promote!

Are you afraid of flying?

Read this interesting post by Shanti and learn some useful expressions about traveling by air. The most useful expressions to learn are the ones in blue.

Then read the questions and write your answers in a comment below.

If you have already travelled by plane:

Do you like flying?

Which of the steps you take when you have to catch a plane makes you more anxious?

What is your favorite moment and why?

Have you ever had any bad experience while flying or at the airport?

Did you enjoy your last flight? If you did, why? If you didn’t, why not? Where did you go? Which company did you fly with?

If you have never travelled by plane:

Would you like to try? Why? Why not?

Which of the steps you take when you have to catch a plane do you think would make you more anxious?

What do you think would be your favorite moment and why?

Marketing Mix: Promotion

Techniques Notes
Advertising It’s the most expensive, but most powerful tool. It’s not personalised in any way. It uses mass media, and the message influences and stimulates the customer by focusing on the product. For instance you usually see images of idyllic beaches.
Direct mail It’s more personalised, it’s very common. Organisations target specific customers through the postal system. It’s commonly used by hotel chains to stimulate demand. Customer details from databases are used.
Telemarketing System aimed at creating interest through telephone calls. Potential customers’ details from databases are used.
Public Relations They consist in participating in trade fairs (such as the BIT fair in Milan) or organising familiarisation trips. It’s used to convey a positive image of an organisation and its products / services.
Personal Selling Face-to-face interaction to promote products or services is used. An example is a hotel receptionist promoting the use of the leisure facilities of the hotel (swimming pool, spa etc.).
Sales promotions Coupons, competitions, special offers and so on (wee case study about Great London Deals).
Sponsorship Organisations offer financial or other support to community events or commercial activities in order to gain greater recognition for their own products or services.