A circular letter for the opening of a SPA Resort in Tuscany



19th February

Dear Sir / Madam,

Are you getting tired of the same old holiday packages, year after year? Would you like to have something really new and original to do? Have you tried to find a place where you can relax or have treatments?

Fonteblu Natural Spa Resort can provide the kind of truly stimulating spa experiences that nowadays so many people are looking for.

We are a young company but all the staff working here have years of experience.

Our Resort is a 17th century mansion, situated on a hill, surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Fonteblu Natural Spa Resort is suitable for all customers who want to have new experiences and for those who like staying in a natural place.

Enjoy the comfort of a 5 star luxury hotel accommodation, with 65 suites and terraces overlooking the Tuscan hills.

Try the top class restaurant serving traditional Tuscan cuisine.

Enjoy and relax in one of our seven swimming pools with natural thermal hot waters rich with fluorine, magnesium and sulphur.

Benefit from health treatments in a technological spa centre offering professional medical assistance and a complete selection of hydrotherapies, massage, fitness and beauty treatments.

And last but not least, experience the magnificent Tuscan countryside and its rich local culture and history.

As a further attraction we have attached some offers with 12% discount on prices quoted in our brochure for all bookings made before the end of March 2015.

For any further information you can get in touch with us via our website www.fontebluspa.it or you can write to us using this address: “Fonteblu Natural Spa Resort, Roccasarda, Grosseto, Toscana”

We believe that Fonteblu Natural Spa Resort stands out from the crowd. We are looking foward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully


Landi Beatrice


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