Some tips for the “seconda prova” and for the state exam

Hi guys,

as you already know, you’ll have to tackle with the seconda prova in English for your state exams. Some tips to get ready for that:

  • First of all, be curious!
  • Read, read, read! In Italian, in English, and of course in French. The best way to improve your writing is to read a lot.
  • Check tourism websites regularly, and read tourism magazines in English. Some of the most interesting tourism websites are: Lonely Planet, Travel and Leisure, the Sunday Times Travel Magazine and many others
  • Subscribe to a newsletter like Discover Tuscany and read it regularly
  • Use the Atlas, Google Maps and the geography book regularly, and start thinking about your dream destinations and some special interest holidays you might promote
  • Make a list of all the useful vocabulary you might need to describe an itinerary, a cruise, a sightseeing tour or a circular letter. Create your own personalized vocabulary notebook, with useful verbs, nouns, adjectives and language “chunks”
  • Make a list of your most frequent mistakes and try to avoid them. When you write something, reread it at least twice and look out for spelling and grammar mistakes. Check articles, plurals and the –s for the third person singular of the simple present
  • Last, but not least, check out the past papers of the exam: for instance here or here. This year it could include a comprehension too, that’s why reading is so important (see point 2 😉 )
  • And finally, start thinking about your tesina but don’t copy it from the Internet! The commission is well aware of the Internet resources available, so use them wisely and personalize your work!

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