Vocabulary: going green!

Here are some exercises focusing on some specific vocabulary: containers. Do all the exercises: image matching, find the pairs, balloon burst, word search and hangman! 

Then, read the articles here, here and here, and think about what you do or could do to reduce your carbon footprint. Write your answer in the comments below.




One thought on “Vocabulary: going green!

  1. I discovery have a such high carbon footprint! I feel bad with myself now, I’ve never through I was such a bad enviromentalist. I’ve always believed I was greater actually, because I always recyclate and I try to use bicycle and public transport much that I can. I calculate my carbon foot print here: http://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx which is the official website of carbon footprint. There I also can see how I can reduce my carbon footprint, for example I can fill dishes washer and washing machine with a full load so I will save water, electricity, and washing powder; I can do my weekly shopping in a single trip; instead simply replace my fridge, which was broken, I can replace it old fridge with a new one with energy efficiency rating of A, or even with rating of A++ that is even better! There will be a lot of other thng I could do, but they will take more time because they’re more diffucult to me, for example don’t buy fresh fruit and vegetables which are out of season and eat less meat. Those will be difficult because I love some kind of vegetables and I can’t have them just a month or two during all the year!
    The third post, the one about the climate change, was the one that like me the most. It clearly explain why we have to reduce our own carbon footprint and it do it well. I think the things that there are write in there are obsoluty right, that’s why I’ll try, starting from now, to reduce my own footprint and I’m also going to make to do the test to all my friends and my family.

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