A Skateboard with a Boost

TED is a platform for ideas worth spreading. Started in 1984 as a conference where technology, entertainment and design converged, TED today shares ideas from a broad spectrum — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Watching TED talks is an excellent way to improve your English because you can watch them with or without subtitles, and subtitles are available in different languages (including Italian).
Watch the video about a very special skateboard and think about how it could be used to promote sustainable tourism in cities like San Francisco but also in Italian cities. Post a comment below.


11 thoughts on “A Skateboard with a Boost

  1. I think that the idea of this new transportations is really good because this kind of skateboard is not polluting . To promote sustainable tourism there are a lot of thinks to do: we can do advertisements and suggestions to visit green areas in the country, we can avoid to waste energy when it not needed ( we have the example of the eiffel tower that,during the night,waste the energy to be illuminated), we can sort the waste in all the city.

    • Yes, there are lots of things we can do to make tourism more sustainable. Sorting the waste, saving energy and promoting sustainable means of transport are certainly some of the things we can do!

  2. I think that the Skateboard with a Boost is a fantastic idea because, in my opinion, is a good thing to promote the tourism in the city. With this special skateboard many people can visit the centre of city quietly without thinking of the parking! It is less polluting than other means of transport used, usually, to get around town. The only problem, for me, is learn to use the skateboard. I hope that this new means of transport technology will be approved in many cities, Italy including! 😊

    • Yes, the only problem is that you have to know how to skateboard! So it could be very attractive for younger tourists, while older tourists would probably prefer more traditional means of transport. I think in Florence we already have Segway tours. Do you know what they are?

      • Yes, i know what they are! Last summer, when i went in Rome i saw many people that used Segways Tours, in particurarly chinese’s people! I think that this “means of transport” is more attractive for all people, because is very easy to use! I think that this “means” can be a new system to stimulate young people to visit the historical city full of cultural heritage in a fun way

  3. I think that this idea is very interesting and very useful above all chaotic cities like San.Francisco. It is a different kind of transport, more cheaper and easier to use, in my opinion. Also this kind of moving not pollut the area becouse it has a electric battery and it is very simple to reload and fun too! I hope that this amazing skateboard will have success in Italy too!

    • Yes, let’s hope we will see it in Italy too. We would need more cycling paths though. And it could be a problem to use it in medieval cities where there are still cobbled streets in the historical centre.

  4. I think that idea is very interesting and good because is not polluting. Respect to the other transports it is more advantageous because is more cheaper and easier to use in the city. It’s important to save and to improve the environment. In my opinion this idea is fantastic and i hope that is approved in Italy.

  5. Absolutely fantastic, but indicated for the youngest. What happens if it rains? Will it get ruined? What if we can use the same method with other means of transport? Surely it’s a good invention that can help to find something more suitable for everyone. As I said before, the old people and families with small children can’t ride a skateboard and it’s not very practical. I’m sure that soon something good will be constructed in the near future.

  6. I think this is a great idea that should be take under control because, unfortanaly, all the ideas and the prototopies created to safe energy are degraded by the black gold industries to safe thier own moneys. I will hope that this, and much more ideas like this that already exist from a lot of years and are all degraded by those industries, will be developped and have theright place in our society. Unfortunately, I think we’ll have to wait a lot of years to see all these beatiful and exellent ideas come really true and to become a part of our everydays. Even because it will became a really interesting form of tourism: with a trasport like that, you will really see and live the city you are visited; and, in addition, I’d enjoy like crazy going all around with the skateboard!

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