Discussing a topic: What’s wrong with package holidays?

Have you ever been on a package tour? Have you always travelled independently?
Write something about your travel experiences in the comments below. Include details of your trips and reasons why you prefer to travel independently and/or take a package holiday.
In what situations would you consider package tours to be more suitable for travellers? Think about: age / previous travel experience / knowledge of foreign languages / available time / amount of money they can spend / reasons for travelling.
Write what you think in a comment below, and remember that you can comment on your classmates’ comments too.


57 thoughts on “Discussing a topic: What’s wrong with package holidays?

  1. ..as the reporter stated in the text read, even for me to travel individually is more interesting, because you put yourself in contact with the real life of the place and it’s a greater opportunity to mix & compare yourself with local PEOPLE! You live a unpredictable adventure..

  2. I never travelled with package tour. I travelled always independently. I prefer travelled independently because i can visit what i want, and i can go where i want. I can manage my time. I know the culture and custums of that places. I have considerate package Tours more suitable if you want travelled in some places that you don’t know, or if you travelled whit school becauseis better that the time is good organized

    • If you have always travelled independently, can you tell us some details about one of your trips? For example something special which happened which made you change your schedule or some other “adventure” you had?

      • For example when i’m gone to Croazia, i and my family decided what we do day by day..one day to the sea side and another day to visit the place! the problem of traveling independently one day we tried because we don’t have the good good directions to get to the Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik and we lost, but it was very beautiful get lost because we had see the true life of croatian citizienz

  3. I’ve never been on package tour, because i traveled in places where I could get away from all the points of view and Because i like be free..!
    In Dublin and in Bulgaria that was kind of a package organized by the school Where they including school activities was a nice experience because we got mix with local people as if it were an individual journey..

    • Yes, in the case of our stay in Bulgaria it was a kind of package tour, but it was organised by the Bulgarian students and teachers, so we had all the advantages of a package tour (no stress, everything was organized for us) and all the advantages of independent travel (we got mixed with the locals, and visited off-the-beaten track destinations, that you wouldn’t find in an ordinary guidebook).

  4. 1: I don’t have travel with a package tour but i often travel indipendently because you can see the place or the monument thant you prefer and because you can know local people

  5. In my life I have travelled on a package tour and also independently.
    I think package tour are useful if you visit a country where you have never been to and where the language is very difficult and where the local people doesn’t have a good knowledge of English .
    Travelling independently is better if you prefer a flexible programme and you want to live your trip day-by-day !
    I have travelled to Ireland and Bulgaria on a package tour organized by the school but I have travelled independently to London with my mom .
    The trip to Ireland and Bulgaria were well organized but we had a programme and we didn’t have enough time for shopping for relaxing and so on. In London everything was different because we lived our trip, we met a lot of people and I have improved my English asking for information for example and we have had time for a coffee and also for strolling in a park and if you travel independently your tour we’ll be cheaper than a package tour.
    Both of these two types of way to travel have advantages and disadvantages !

  6. 2: i have considerete package tour more suitable if the people want to travel in other countries for see the monuments, the neighborhoods, or for know the tradition. Always the package tour are organizer for the school trip who want to visit a place for different reason.

      • 2: i have considerete package tour more suitable if the people want to travel in other countries too see the monuments, the neighborhoods, or to know the tradition. the package tour are always organized for the school trip who want to visit a place for different reason.

  7. I prefer travel individually because I can do what I want, visit the most important places for me and I’m totally free. I can know the costums and the cultures much more than with a package tour and I travel with a people that I know.
    However in my life I would like to travel with a package tour because there are some advantages like the organisation, everything are organised and the places are guaranted and if something went wrong I can may get a refund from tour operator.
    I think that both are important, because if I like to be free and manage my time I must travel independently but if I like to visit something with a guide and I don’t want any problem I can travel with package tour; it is also useful if I travel in a country where is difficult speak and understand the local language.
    The age of the tourists is importan to choose the kind of travel and the passion too.
    I never travelled with package tour, I travelled always independently with my parents and my friends because they like be free, but this summer my parents went to Praha with a package tour and they recommended to me to try this new experience, they think that is better and I want to try now.
    I travelled with a package tour only with my school, in Bulgaria and Dublin but they were a package organised by school not a classic package tour.

    • Yes, if you choose a package tour, there are different factors to be taken into consideration. For example if you travel in a country which may be dangerous or where the locals don’t speak English or any other language you know, it may be better to join a package tour, in order to have the support of a guide who knows the local language.

  8. I have travelled only once with package tour in Blackpool (England), and it as been a beautiful experience because I met new people, I got to know their personalities and their cultures.
    On the other hand I like travel indipendently as well because I’m free to do what I wont, where to go, and how long stay in a village or countries.

      • Yes, i went with Inpdap because my mother is a Teacher.
        My experience in Blackpool was very interesting, because we was in a college which it seemed like Hogwarts, and afterwords we visited this beautiful city, the Beatles museum and the Manchester stadium. It was a very beautiful experience 🙂

  9. I never travelled with package tour. I think it is best to travel independently, because we can see what we want.
    It is better to travel free because you can visit the place that you want, and you can see the monument that you prefer.
    I travelled with a package tour only with my school, but was not the classic package tour, but was organised by school.

  10. I never travelled with a package Tour.
    I travelled always independently.
    I love travelled independently because
    I can do what i want , and i can decide wich monuments i visit .
    I like to read up , and because i can manage my time .
    It’s more difficult travel indipendently because you have to organise old the things like :
    • make the tickets
    • booking the hotel …
    Thanks to this you can maturate .

    • Don’t forget your verbs Simona 🙂 You wanted to say: I HAVE never travelled on a package tour. I HAVE always travelled independently. I love TRAVELLING independently…

      And you have to BUY or BOOK the tickets (not make), and thanks to this you can become MORE MATURE (not maturate…).

      But yes, you are right, travelling independently is more interesting and helps you to grow up and become more mature 🙂 Thanks for answering my post

  11. Yes, i went with Inpdap because my mother is a Teacher.
    My experience in Blackpool was very interesting, because we was in a college which it seemed like Hogwarts, and afterwords we visited this beautiful city, the Beatles museum and the Manchester stadium. It was a very beautiful experience 🙂

    • That’s really great! You were lucky! I might go to England next summer, and I have to start reading Harry Potter for sure! If you were in a college which looked like Hogwarts the atmosphere must have been really nice 😉 And what about the Beatles museum? Was it interesting? Is it in Liverpool?

  12. During my life I have not travelled a lot but I always travelled inipendently.
    I never travelled with package tour bacause the travel is already organised and you aren’t free to do what you want.
    In my opinion package tour are more convinius but are useful if you visit a country where you have never been.

  13. In my life i have travelled always independently except some school trips organized on a package tour. I prefer to travel independently because i haven’t a fixed programme to follow and i can visit what i want and when i want. Secondly i don’t like to travel with a group of people who don’t know! I consider package tours to be more suitable for travellers who don’t know about a place or who are not able to book everything. Prices are usually cheaper and places are guaranteed by tour operator. An advantage is that if you are not satified or something went wrong, often you may get a refund.

    • Are you going to Paris in April? The advantage of a school trip is that everything is organized but at the same time you know the people you are travelling with (but you CAN’T always do what you want… as the teachers are there 😉 ).

  14. I haven’t travelled much in my life, but in future I would like to try to travel with a package tour, because I have already travelled independent with my family to Abu-Dhabi. We went there because my father was working and it was in the Christmas season, so we could pass the festivities with him. We chose to travel independently, because we couldn’t respect any program. In my opinion, I think that it is very important to consider the age of the tourist. The younger surely prefer an independent tour, so that they can live new experiences and are more free to do what they want. It is an opportunity to grow up and gives more satisfaction. Another advantage of an independent tour is that it is cheaper, because you can choose where to sleep and eat. In April I’m going to Paris with the school and in this case it is appropriate to have a package tour, seeing that we are a lot of people going and Paris has plenty of things to see. You must also consider the advantage of package tours where you are sure that you can admire things that you don’t even know that exists, because they are organized by people who have experience and knowledge and surely the trips are more secure and you don’t have bad surprises.

    • Yes, you are right Benedetta! Did you like Abu Dhabi? When did you go? I’m glad to know that you are going to Paris in April, I’m sure it is going to be very interesting 🙂

  15. I never travelled with a package tour because i prefere travel indipendently because i can visit the places that i prefere

    • yes, but my question was a bit more complex, you can’t reply by writing just a line… Have you read the question? And, by the way, in English we write PREFER (not PREFERE). Can you try again? Thanks

  16. When i was child, i with my parents went to spain. We decided to travel by car because we wanted to visit all the catalunya region. We visited all city of Barcelona, froma sagrada familia church to Colombo internatial port and Rambla’s street. We visit also another town of catalunya for example Girona, Blanes, Matarò and Badalona. This trip was very nice.

  17. In my opinion is better travelling with package tours beacouse if you want really know a town,the tradition,tipical product the package tours is the best way to visit a country for example in august when i was in London i go there by a package tour that include flight accomodation and a tourist guide….it was very funny

    • Hi Gianmarco thanks for sharing your opinion, but remember the difference between FUN and FUNNY: “funny” is something which makes you laugh. What you meant there is that your study stay in London was great FUN. Who was your tourist guide in London?

  18. I travelled always independently.
    I prefer travel independently because i can see what i want, i have a freedom to see monuments and to admire the different cultures. I have travelled once with package tour when i went with my family in Egypt but i dont’like so much because i have not visited the places with tranquillity and more time.

  19. When i went in Egypt, i visited Luxor is a big temple Egyptian. This temple is very beautiful. Than i have made a trip in boat along the Nilo and i have gone with the motor-bike in the desert to visit a small nomadic village. The package tour included the flight, accommodation, transfer and tourist guide.

    • That sounds really interesting but be careful with your vocabulary! You don’t MAKE a trip in English (that’s an Italianism). You GO ON A BOAT TRIP on the river NILE (use English place names, not Italian place names when you write in English). You wouldn’t say “I have gone” (because if you use “I have gone” it means you are still there, you haven’t come back yet :-\ …), you would say “I WENT ON A MOTOR-BIKE EXCURSION / TRIP in the desert” And be careful about word order too: I’m sure you visited “a big Egyptian temple” (not “a big temple Egyptian”). Try to think in English! It will be easier to write 🙂 The visit to the nomadic village sounds really interesting. Can you tell me more about it? Do you think you would have had the opportunity to do it if you were travelling on your own, independently?

  20. The trip in the desert it was very interesting because i took a walk with the camel and i admired the sunset. In this nomadic village the inhabitants were very happy to see the tourists. I think that i would not have seen this nomadic village, if i would travelled independently.

  21. until now I’ve never done a real trip but I think that it’s better to travel indipendently because you are free to choose where to stay, what to visit, and what to do during the day without respect a real program; if you travell with a travel agency you have to follow an itinerary already prepared.
    in my opinion travel indipendently has only one disadvantages: you must book the flight, the hotel….. you must program all your trip.

    • Yes, that’s right. What do you mean by “I have never been on a real trip”? Haven’t you been to Ireland and to Bulgaria? What did you like? What didn’t you like? For what kind of people do you think a package tour would always be more appropriate?

  22. I love travel individually, in fact i never travelled with package tour. I think that travelling indipendently is more beautiful! You are free, so you do and see what do you want, you can stay one day longer in a place you like or leave earlier a place you don’t like. If you choose a package tour, is all already organize, you don’t change nothing and you must travel with a group of people you don’t know.
    In my opinion, all people that travel in a far country where the person speak other languages, should use a package tour. I have travelled to England and Croazia with my family, we booked a flight and a hotel on-line, we organized day-by-day and we had choose all things that we want to do. These trips have been fantastic!
    In April i will travel with a package tour for a school trip. I hope that this trip will be fantastic and beautiful as an indipendent travel.

    • Yes, but be careful about the correct spelling of “independent” (not indipendent).
      And use the present perfect with “never”: I have never travelled with a package tour.
      And in English we say Croatia (check the spelling of place names in English).
      When you write in English, a good option is choosing English as the language of your computer (or mobile) so that the spelling is checked automatically.

  23. In my life I’ve travelled with a package tour and also indipendently and in my opinion the best way to travel is indipendently.
    This summer, in july, I did a voyage on a cruise with my friend Cecilia and her family. It was very interesting because I visited places that I’ve never seen and I knew a lot of people, but I didn’t like it a lot because everything was organized, we often had only three hours to visit the cities where we landed and we had to be on the ship at a specific time, so sometimes it was very stressful and wearisome. For these reasons I don’t like package holidays, they provide a fixed programme which isn’t flexible and I’m not free to do what I want (if I love a place I can’t stay one day longer).
    In august I’ve travelled indipendently, I went to San Vincenzo and to Rome with my friends and it was exciting. Every day we could choose to do everything we wanted, if we wanted to stay all day in a place that we liked we could. We were free to do what we wanted, there weren’t no times and no programmes to follow. I don’t like to program things, for this I love travel indipendently.

    • Yes, I agree with you (and the examples you give are very interesting and personal), but make sure you write “INDEPENDENTLY” (not “indipendently”, which is an Italianism).

  24. In my life I have traveled independently and also with a package tour.
    I really like to travel independently, because maybe I can visit the places that I want, I can share my days as I want .. I’d like entertain me out even more in museums, cities, squares, monuments but I know that a guide could give more infomation. Last year i was in Bulgaria. The trip to Bulgaria was very nice, very well organized, so I like to travel independently but maybe when I visit places for example with : many monuments, churches, museums I prefer a package tour.
    I like to visit places independently during the summer, I can go to the sea side, for this I like to travel independently to relax 🙂

  25. Until now i didn’t travel much. About travel aboard I went only in Bulgaria with my school, and in Italy I travelled only in some place. I would like to travel more and independently, I think, becouse is better, in my opinion. I can choose what is better for me to visit and do, about my interests.

  26. I’ve never been on package tour, just because I’ve never had the possibility. However, if I will have the occasion to do a package tour, I will try it, The best thing I could ver thing about do a package tour are: meet new people and economize! But it should will perfectly meets my requirements; for example, I will not book a package tour if I’m not sure the tour operator or the travel agency is a professional one. I also chioose a package tour if I will travel to a place I have no idea what it has got: if I should will go to Africa, I’ll probably go with a package tour to be sure I will do thing and have experienxces that probably I won’t have if I’ll go by my own, even maybe beacause they are too expensive for just one or a pair of person.

    But, in general, I’d rather doing my holidays by myself beacause in this way I can do whatever I want when I want, ad that’s the best thing I can think about! I won’t have a time table to respect, so if I would like to stop more time in a place I can do it safely, without any noise and if I’m tired I even can stay in the hotel all day. Is there something better?

    In conclusion, I think there is not a better way to travel: it depends on people, on the destination, on how much flexible you want to be.. Both the way to travel, indipendentaly and with a package tour, have their pros and their cons, I think that to choose your right way to travel the most imnportant thing is asking yourself: what do I want to do during my holiday?

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