Training for your job interview

Watch this 6-minute video to train for your job interview in January. You may watch it with English subtitles if you need some help to understand what the people in the video are saying (just click on the subtitles icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen).

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About Luisella

Insegnante di inglese, grande appassionata di viaggi, credo molto nel potere dei viaggi di aprire la mente, oltre che di rendere la nostra vita molto più interessante. Viaggio per piacere e per lavoro, prevalentemente in Italia e in Europa.

2 thoughts on “Training for your job interview

  1. My first travel experience was in Ibiza,this year. I travelled indipendently and I think that is the best way to go around the word. If you travel indipendently you can do what you want and you are free. If you want visit something different such us a small park or a small traditional village not included in the package , you can because you haven’t any obbligation. You can stay in a place more days, If you enjoyed it or you can leave before. I consider package Tours more suitable than travel indipendently when you have to go to a far nation or you have to book an holiday for a group of tourists that want learn and see the most important things of the place. However i think that travel indipendently is the best way because you can also meet local people and learn something about their culture.

    • Yes, I agree with you, but beware of spelling mistakes: Independently (with “e” after “d”, not “i” like in Italian) and SUCH AS (not “such us”) 😉 And of course “a holiday”, not “an holiday”. Thanks for posting your comment, even under the “wrong” post 😉

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