How to improve your speaking on line

You can find a language exchange partner and get free english classes @ Verbling
Verbling allows you to easily chat with someone for 5 minutes in your language,
then 5 minutes in their language. If you like them, you can add them as a friend
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Oral presentations: Preparing to speak about your itinerary

You’re going to start presenting your itineraries soon, so, here are some tips for your presentation:

1.  Your presentation should last about 7 minutes.   Time yourselves at home, and practice, more than once, repeating it, maybe even in front of the mirror.

2.  Make your talk interesting! So, it SHOULDN’T be a word-for word repitition of what you wrote! Tell us about the HIGHLIGHTS of each day (the best and most interesting things).

3.  You should SOUND enthusiastic too.  Talk to the class to promote your itinerary and try to convince us that it is worth going on this trip to see and do the things that you have planned.