Marketing Basics

What are the five main factors a tour operator should take into consideration when organizing a tour? List them, say why they are important and give examples.

Giulia’s answer:

When a tour operator organizes an itinerary or a package tour the main factors to be taken into consideration are: who, why, when, where and how much.
WHO – the potential customers: businesses sometimes carry out market research to understand what people like more and also how much they want to pay. It’s also important to think that some holidays are designed for families with children or for women or men and also for old-aged people or for GLTBs or young people.
WHY – the reason for going on holiday: there are a lot of reasons, for instance relaxing, but a lot of people travel for business reasons, or with their school for study-holidays, another type of tourism that is increasing is health tourism for example going to a country where spas are widespread and cheaper and there are also sport reasons not only to take part in a match or a competition but also to see it and so on .
WHEN – the time of the year. The time is also an important factor: because of it the price can be higher if we travel during the summer or during Christmas holidays and can be lower if we travel in the off-peak season. We mustn’t forget that in the off-peak period there are a lot of destinations that during the peak period are uncomfortable (for example it’s too hot or cold).
WHERE – the destination. Destinations are usually closely linked to seasons so for example going on holiday to the seaside during the summer or going to the mountains to ski during the winter etc.
HOW MUCH – the price of the holiday. The price is usually the most important factor to consider. The customers aren’t all the same: someone can prefer a short holiday but with everything and the price, well doesn’t matter, and for other customers the price is the first factor to consider. We have to remember that the price can change: increase of oil price and so air fares, off-peak periods or peak periods can make the price go up and down.

Maria Chiara’s answer:

The five main factors are the “5Ws”: Why, Who, When, Where and How much.
“Why” is the reason why a costumer should travel: free time, religion, business, health, sport.
“Who” is what kind of person it is who could go on that kind of trip: it can be defined by age (old people, adults, young people, children) or by other factors, like: GTLBs, just men or just women, mixed, groups, couples, singles, retired people, families with children, families without children.
“When” meaning in what time of the year people prefer to travel: some kind of holidays are better in summer, seaside, others in winter, snowboarding in the mountains, others are better in winter because in summer it is too hot, like Egypt.
“Where” indicates the place where traveling and “How much” the cost of the trip, that is not so simple to calculate because there are numerous factors that are not always depending on tour operators. The price is also very important because some target groups can afford expensive holidays while others have less money to spend.


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