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Are you afraid of flying?

Read this interesting post by Shanti and learn some useful expressions about traveling by air. The most useful expressions to learn are the ones in blue.

Then read the questions and write your answers in a comment below.

If you have already travelled by plane:

Do you like flying?

Which of the steps you take when you have to catch a plane makes you more anxious?

What is your favorite moment and why?

Have you ever had any bad experience while flying or at the airport?

Did you enjoy your last flight? If you did, why? If you didn’t, why not? Where did you go? Which company did you fly with?

If you have never travelled by plane:

Would you like to try? Why? Why not?

Which of the steps you take when you have to catch a plane do you think would make you more anxious?

What do you think would be your favorite moment and why?

Marketing Mix: Promotion

Techniques Notes
Advertising It’s the most expensive, but most powerful tool. It’s not personalised in any way. It uses mass media, and the message influences and stimulates the customer by focusing on the product. For instance you usually see images of idyllic beaches.
Direct mail It’s more personalised, it’s very common. Organisations target specific customers through the postal system. It’s commonly used by hotel chains to stimulate demand. Customer details from databases are used.
Telemarketing System aimed at creating interest through telephone calls. Potential customers’ details from databases are used.
Public Relations They consist in participating in trade fairs (such as the BIT fair in Milan) or organising familiarisation trips. It’s used to convey a positive image of an organisation and its products / services.
Personal Selling Face-to-face interaction to promote products or services is used. An example is a hotel receptionist promoting the use of the leisure facilities of the hotel (swimming pool, spa etc.).
Sales promotions Coupons, competitions, special offers and so on (wee case study about Great London Deals).
Sponsorship Organisations offer financial or other support to community events or commercial activities in order to gain greater recognition for their own products or services.

Feel of Home at Villa Wiese – Swakopmund Namibia

Here is an example of how you can answer the questions about the above mentioned text:

1. The area of the Namib Desert including Swakopmund is called West Coast Recreational Area because it’s full of tourist attractions, activities to do and that makes it an important tourist destination.

2. This sentence means that recreation, including activities, places, tourist attractions represents the draw card of the area so it’s a sort of recognition of the tourist potential of the area.

3. Villa Wiese is a guest lodge run by a family. It’s a hundred years old building that has been restored mainly by its owners. It’s caracterized by multi-coloured walls and wooden beams support the gothic ceilings as an example of antique, high standard, clean, comfortable, homely, affordable, relaxed, friendly and homely atmosphere.

4. Villa Wiese differences itself for its position in the Swakopmund area and for the peculiarity of the building that outside has multi-coloured walls like a modern building and inside has a structure typical of an ancient building. In addition they offer high standards of cleanliness and convenience in an atmosphere of relaxation, friendship and cosiness.

5. Tinkie and Johan are really friendly, patient and open-minded people that love their job so much, in fact they consider it as another hobby. Tinkie is an amateur photographer while Johan loves reading and gardening. They both like music.

6. Their vision is to keep Villa Wiese guest lodge running to ensure a future to their children and also because they love their job as much as they would never stop. They also wanted to create a place having an image of home where their children would always want to stay.

7. The hospitality concept of Villa Wiese is to treat guests as members of the family, taking care of them and always being helpful, friendly and kind.

8. Everyone is welcome in Villa Wiese: travellers different continents and countries like Europe, England, Australia, New Zeland, USA, East and also from African countries that love to meet new people and new cultures.

Breath-taking NAMIBIA !!

This itinerary will involve you into the recreation of Namibia: unexpected and wonderful.
This tour is a mix of discoveries, emotions and fun. You’ll be fascinated by the panoramas of this country.

DAY ONE: after landing at the principal airport of the country that is just outside the capital city, you’ll have an organized transfer for Villa Wiese, a beautiful guest lodge in the Swakopmund area.
Enjoy the typical dinner.

DAY TWO: after breakfast get ready for the seaside! You’ll spend the whole day relaxing on the beach, sunbathing and having fun. You’ll have a tour with a motorboat and during that you can probably admire dolphins, sharks and other sea- animals feeling incredible emotions. The dinner will be in a typical restaurant near the sea where you’ll try typical dishes made with seafood.

DAY THREE: enjoy your breakfast because a day around the desert is waiting for you. With a transfer we will reach the edge of the Namib desert: there you’ll find quads that you’ll use to go around the desert through the dunes. The Beduins will show you the way to get to the oasis where you can relax enjoying a buffet of typical dishes and a huge variety of fruits. In the afternoon you’ll also have the possibility to do dune-carting and sand boarding.
At the end of your day you’ll go back by quad and the transfer will take you back to Villa Wiese. Prepare your camera for tomorrow.

DAY FOUR: a hearty breakfast before leaving with the jeep: our destination? The savannah.
An incredible safari through the habitat of a lot of animal species such as elephants, tigers, zebras and many others. After a break for lunch you’ll do a breath-taking tour by hot-air balloon while you can admire the nature of this country and its beautiful landscapes.

DAY FIVE: your last breakfast at Villa Wiese. Take your luggage and check-out.
You’ll have your plane in two hours.

By Giulia


This 15 day complete tour is the perfect introduction to the most beautiful and amazing places in Cuba. The tour takes you from vibrant Havana, to historic Santa Clara, and gives you the chance to experience the more traditional and rural sides of Cuba. In these days, you can admire breathtaking scenery along the beautiful white sand beaches, colonial architecture, waterfalls, charming village atmosphere and friendly locals.

Day 1 – Havana
Departure from New York airport at 3pm and arrival in Cuba at 7:30 p.m. After your arrival, you will have a transfer to the hotel by car. Check-in in the hotel situated in the centre of Havana.
This five star hotel, “Antiguo Hotel “, provides a lot of romantic activities, and for the first day you will have a beautiful night in the ensuite hot pool, with a delicious sparkling wine to celebrate this unforgettable night.

Day 2 –Havana
Morning : On the second day, at 9 a.m. we will reach the centre of Havana that is one of the most exciting cities in the world. It’s definitely unique. This part of Cuba is the most intense, with narrow streets, old crumbling buildings and nice cafés and restaurants. Here we will admire and participate in a show in one of the most renowned Opera houses in the world that is also home of the famous Ballet National de Cuba, founded by Alicia Alonso.
At 1:00 o’clock you will have a packet lunch and at 3 a.m. you can participate in an involving traditional concert. At 7:30 p.m., we will go back to the hotel, where you can taste romantic food, in a private room prepared only for you.

Day 3 & 4 – Vinales

Before departing from Havana, we will have a guided walking tour of the historic centre of Havana ( 2 hours ). From Havana to Vinales it’s about a four hour’s drive by coach, and on the way we will stop for lunch. Surrounded by picturesque limestone, Vinales is a small and culturally rich village, with friendly and welcoming residents and a wide variety of outdoor activities available. Here you can spend the afternoon with a lot of activities, one of which is exploring the caves ; horseback riding or simply enjoying the views of the valley and sprawling tobacco field below are all options.
Here you will stay in “ Sigaro Hotel “, surrounded by nature and equipped with a big outdoor swimming pool, waterfall and other services. For dinner, there is a special “food“ selection with fruits and vegetables like : avocados and mangoes, pineapples, papaya and several varieties of sweet potatoes. You can taste this typical food thanks to one of the most agriculturally productive areas in Cuba. The next day is a relaxing day with different activities. At 4 pm, we will have a fantastic event with the local residents that will convince you to dance Latin American in the garden with a small bar that offers some cocktails just for you.

Day 5 – Cienfuegos / Bay of Pings
Today we will go to the elegant city of Cienfuegos, a port founded by French settlers from Louisiana . This history gives it a French air and architectural style, which you will appreciate during a walking tour of the city. En route don’t miss the Botanical gardens, which are home to over 2,000 different species of plants. And the last stop is dedicated to admiring the beautiful Bay of Pigs, were we will also stop in a beautiful swimming pool and where you can also do snorkeling in a beautiful beach. Enjoy a delicious dinner in “ Lion Hotel “, a five star hotel, with 30 luxurious rooms equipped with Jacuzzi bathtub near the bed and romantic music.

Day 6 & 7 – Trinidad

In these two days we will be exploring Trinidad with a guide. In the afternoon you will have time to discover the city alone. In the evening we will have dinner in a restaurant because the most amazing and fascinating thing in this beautiful city is the nightlife. After dinner, there are a lot of music venues you can choose from, all within a short walking distance. On the next day, in the morning you can admire and learn about the tobacco processing industry and then you can taste delicious food around the city. In the afternoon we will explore the white sand beaches where you can go diving and snorkeling in the crystalline water. Dinner in the “ Trinidad Hotel “, situated in a bay overlooking the beautiful smooth sea. Here you can taste a small quantity of different seafood by the sea, in a beautiful atmosphere.

Day 8 – Havana
We get up early , and we go back to Havana.
On the way back to Havana we will stop in the town of Santa Clara, a key city in the Cuban revolution. It the afternoon, you can devote the last hours in Havana to buy a small souvenir or something romantic for you !! Dinner and overnight stay in “ Antiguo Hotel “, the same of the first night. Here , for the last night in Havana you can relax and get ready for the next day…

Day 9 – Cayo Largo … by plane

– Departure at 7:00 o’clock from Havana to Cayo Largo Island
– Arrival at 8:00 o’clock -Transfer in the “ Boutique Hotel “, situated in front of the sea, surrounded by amazing beaches where you can dance and taste the all cocktails especially made for you. This hotel provides only 8 suites, but they are very luxurious and big, equipped with mini-bars, bath, towel and other facilities and services. This day is only for you , a romantic day with an atmosphere especially created for you. Beach with a lot of candles , and covers with red petals. Dinner in the hotel.

Day 10 – Cayo Largo
This day is dedicated to a “ Catamaran excursion “ . We will get up early for this amazing excursion, they drop you off to swim with dolphins and you can take a picture. After this experience, we will go back to the catamaran to go in the middle of the Ocean to have a special and different dinner, with fresh fish and lobster.

Day 11- Cayo Largo

Get up at 9:00 am, we must have a big breakfast to be ready for new activities in the Island. We will devote this day to discovering the island by bicycle , a natural mini-tour , around the beaches.

Day 12 – Cayo Largo – Havana …. By plane
– At 7:00 am departure
-At 8:00 am arrival in Havana
The last day is dedicated to packing your luggage .
Departure from Havana airport at 5:00 pm and arrival in New York at 9.30 p.m.

9.980,00 for the couple
Transfer , meals , accommodation , drinks , events , flights , optional activities , discount on massages and spa treatments.
-A lot of bathing costumes
-Sun glasses
-A dress for a romantic night for her
– A suit and tie for him

A Dive in the Tuscan Events

This tour will allow you to see a wide variety of landscapes and experience regional culture. You will discover ever changing scenery, places, museums and delightful villages with their traditional events and foods.
In these 6 days you will appreciate the most original and beautiful summer events of Tuscant, accompanied by beautiful excursions in the Pisan Mountains Villages.

DAY 1 (Pisa)
Our first day starts in one of the most important cities in Tuscany: Pisa.
Pisa is a beautiful city where you can find a lot of monuments, cathedral, shops, typical restaurants and museums.
Arrival in Pisa at the airport at 11am.
Check-in and lunch in “La Torre Hotel”, a 4-star hotel, located near Piazza dei Miracoli.

At 3pm we will move to visit the symbol and most famous monument in Pisa, called “Leaning Tower”, which is locted in Piazza dei Miracoli (here you can also take a traditional funny photo, supporting the Leaning Tower).
After that, you can also visit the Baptistery, the Dome and the Cemetery, located in Piazza dei Miracoli too, accompayed by a English tour guide, which will narrate the history of these fashinating buildings.

At 6pm we will head back to the hotel and at 7pm we will make our way to the “Luminara Party”: a typical event of Pisa which takes place every year on the evening of 16th June; this is the eve of the Patron Saint called “ San Ranieri”. In this festival, you can admire over a hundred thousand lights which are placed on the buildings, bridges, churches and towers that over look the lungarno to exalt their profiles. At midnight enjoy the climax of the Luminara with the traditional fireworks display lighting up the sky and the reflections illuminating the river Arno.


DAY 2 (Buti)

Breakfast in the Hotel at 8 am.
We leave the Hotel at 9am to catch the bus to go to Buti, a small village on the estern slopes of the Monti Pisani. Its origins go back a very long way probably to Roman times.
This village is famous for its “Horse Race”: a typical event which takes place every 18th January.
Arrival in Buti at 9.30 am.
From 10am to 12 am visit of the town with an English guide which will make you know the beautiful history of the town and its gastronomics traditions.
At 1pm lunch in a typical restaurant in Buti called “Paccì”: here you can taste the typical dishes of this small town.
At 2pm check-in in “Il Saracino Farmhouse”, where you will be welcomed by very friendly staff.
Sagra Buti
At 8pm dinner in one of the typical festivals that take place every summer from March to Semptember. These festivals are original, because they offers you a typical and nique Tuscan dinner. At the end of the dinner, you can dance accompayed by salsa music.

Timetable 2

DAY 3 (Pontedera)

Breakfast at 10am.
We leave the farmhouse at 11am to take the bus to go to Pontedera, a small town where “the Vespa” was invented; infact our first stop is the “Piaggio Museum” where you can see the history of Vespas ( a typical motorbike which is wellknown all over the world).Museo Piaggio
At 1pm check-in in “Armonia Hotel” a 4 star hotel located in the centre of Pontedera.
At 5 pm we will go to “Notte Bianca”, a beautiful event, which takes place every june in “Corso Matteotti”, the main street of the town with a lot of shops, which during this night, are open till 1am.
In “Notte Bianca” you can have fun participating in numerous concerts of famous singers of our country.

Timetable 3

DAY 4 (Pontedera – Lajatico – Pontedera)

Breakfast at the hotel at 9am.
At 10am the start a tour of the town with an English tour guide.
Our first stop is in “Piazza dei Pini” where you can admire “the wall of Baj”, a magnificent and long wall with a hundred thousand small plaques.
After that we will move to visit “the theatre of Silence”, a magnificent and relaxing theatre situated in Lajatico. Teatro del Silenzio
This theatre is famous because it hosts the concerts of a famous lyrical singer called Bocelli.
At 8pm you will have dinner in “Via Pisana 62”, a modern restaurant located near the “Armonia Hotel”, where you can enjoy unique and tasteful dishes presented with a lot of decorations.

Timetable 4

DAY 5 (Pontedera – Calafuria)

Breakfast at the Hotel at 8am.
We leave the hotel at 9am to take the bus to go to spend a relaxing day in Calafuria.
Calafuria is located near Livorno, and this is the best place for the lovers of the seaside, because it is the best place where you can go for a swim in the deep and clean sea.
At 1pm you will have lunch in a beautiful restaurant called “OndaBlu”, situated on the cliff, where you can taste the numerous sea food dishes.
In the afternoon you can also go for another swim and at 6pm we will take the bus to go to “Regina del Mare Resort”.
At 7pm in Reigina del Mare Resort, where you are welcomed by an animation group.

Timetable 5

DAY 6 ( Pisa)

Breakfast at 8am.
We leave the hotel at 9am to go to Pisa airport to catch the plane at 2pm.

Timetable 6

TOTAL PRICE PER PERSON: 600€ => it includes: – guided tour
– dinner
– lunch
– accomodation
– bus

For any further information call 3665414910